is located at 6617 SW 8 Street in the heart of the Southwest section of Miami, and it is easily accessible by cross town buses that provide transportation to the school from the neighboring districts of Westchester and Sweetwater. The school also comes with ample parking facilities and are available adjacent to the school, including handicap parking.

We provide access ramps in the shopping center for the wheelchair in accordance with the local regulations. Our classrooms are spacious, well lighted and provides a comfortable learning environment. Our school’s lab area is equipped with all required and necessary equipment. We also have a small library equipped With reference books and medical dictionaries needed in the medical career.

Students are able to use them in their studies. We have 2 collections of encyclopedias and medical reference books. These books are only available for use in the classroom or media center. Finally, our school also has a file room well secured and locked to keep all our student’s records. This room is only accessible to the school administration.