This course offers a complete study in all aspects related to the human anatomy and physiology. The Cardio-graphic Technology EKG Technician will learn how to use the EKG equipment, holster and stress monitoring.

Yechanlaz Instituto Vocacional, Inc. The student will be able to apply his/her knowledge at hospitals, clinics, and many other related places. This program emphasizes in training the student the correct procedures on how to use the EKG machine. The student will learn how to apply the machine on the human body correctly. This program is supervised by the teacher and is designed to teach the student about practice knowledge and abilities for monitoring the EKG equipment. It will prepare the student for employment in the field of Cardio-graphic I EKG Technology.

This program is offered in Spanish only.

  • Theory Prograin: 750 Hours
  • Lab Shop (practice program): 150 Hours
  • Extemship (field training): 180 Hours