Students will be exposed to the theory and practice of Phlebotomy by using all the tubes in accordance to sample and the modern methods used by laboratories and hospitals. Also, we offer students the necessary knowledge of Infection Control, OSHA, Blood borne Pathogens, and AIDS/HIV. We prepare them to become register nationally, to pass the exam and be eligible for the Certification of the State Florida.

This. program is offered in Spanish only.

Yechanlaz Jnstituto Vocacional., Inc. In this program we offer the necessary practice function and techniques of the phlebotomy. We also offer a complete practice in the lab with all the equipment necessary. We offer safety methods to assure that the sample reaches laboratories in an· expedient manner. The student will use for practice sessions an artificial arm with artificial blood extraction which simulates a human arm. We will teach the student how to perform phlebotomy successfully and safely. The course is designed for the student to develop the knowledge practice of the patient’s care and preparing them to become registered nationally. It will prepare the student for a successful employment as a phlebotomist and also become eligible for the Florida State Certification.

  • Theory Program: 90 Hours
  • Lab shop (practice program): 30 Hours